Nature Walk

Game Website:

Roles: Programmer, Sound Designer

Technology: HTML5/Javascript

Nature Walk is an idle game in which the player’s fitbit steps are used as a resource. The game pull steps from a user's fitbit account, then they can spend those steps to recruit animal companion who progress the game in real time.

As part of a team of seven I programmed a screen system state machine to manage the update loops of the idle game calculations, UI, and menus. I created the parallax scrolling effect and pause menu logic. This was  coded in Javascript  and HTML5/Canvas. I also created sounds and coordinated the work of external artists.

UCSC Main Team:

  • Dan Cochran

  • Megan Muir

  • Duncan Smith

  • Matthew Freeman

  • Theoren Mathias

  • Eric Shi

  • Hesiquio Mendez



  • Aislynn Cetera

  • Joyce Lin

  • Caitlin Marshall

  • Jay Patel


  • Jordan Lipaz