Unstable Selection

Game Website: https://unstableselection.wixsite.com/game

Roles: Programmer, Producer

Technology: Unity C#

Unstable Selection is a whimsical action Rogue-like about mutation. Adapt to a hostile environment by absorbing the abilities of the creatures you defeat, and become who you were meant to be! Unstable Selection has action similar to Nuclear Throne and The Binding of Isaac with the cartoon tone of Spelunky.

In a team of five I’ve coded much of the core gameplay in Unity and taken responsibility of integrating the game’s assets. This includes the ability system, upgrade system, and associated menus. I handled the integration of the Unity Tilemap, Spine Animation, FMOD and Git tools. As producer I coordinated with external artists and sound designers.

UCSC Team:

  • Programming

    • Dan Cochran

    • James Morrow

    • Ben Mages

  • Art

    • Fernando Briones

    • Katie Liu

Sound Designers:

  • Sean Thompson

  • Matt Eis

  • Jake Little

  • Stephen Santoyo


  • Halley Eveland